Who’s Going to Sell My House?

By Norma Wall, Broker

The Hunter

Listing Agents Wear Many Hats.

Listing agents have many jobs. Marketing, staging, analyzing, advising, negotiating, tons of paperwork and keeper of the keys to name a few.  And it seems that many people have an opinion of exactly what those jobs entail. But contrary to popular opinion, the listing agent does not usually sell your home directly to a home buyer. That would be inefficient!

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Listing agents market and promote your home directly to buyers of course, but even more importantly to the hordes of other local real estate agents and their buyers, dramatically increasing your personal sales force.

Not only are the other agents bringing your home to the attention of their (hopefully) qualified buyers, but the reverse is also true. Thanks to the power of the internet, buyers are bringing your home to the attention of their real estate agent! Most buyers litterly decide which homes they want to see based on their attraction to the quality and number of photos, features and descriptions and the vital statistics about your property that lands on Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com and thousands of other websites.

P.S. – How do you think all this happens? All this exposure and data can be tracked directly back to the efforts of your Listing Agent. It all starts with the local MLS!

During the first few weeks your home should get the highest number of showings and previews. If the price is right. But that’s a whole “nother” story for another time.

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